Thursday, September 4, 2008

working mothers

awe watch the clip from the daily show with jon stewart, sarah palin gender card.  wow!  watch all the clips.  they had a clip of o'reilly calling jamie lynn spears parents pin heads and that her pregnancy was all their fault then cut to him saying how it's palin's choice and they are supporting their daughter and how dare people blame the parents.

i was a little disappointed with the speeches last night.  (i'm trying not to sound like an 'angry leftist') but there was no discussion of policy or the issues and just negative attacks.  hopefully mccane will tell me what how he plans to fix the economy, handle the war, fix school, deal with health care etc. . . . one of mccane's people said, this election is about personality not policy.  that is not true.

back to the gender card.  can a woman be a good mother and work full time.  i'm sure, but who get's the job of spending all day with the child.  i want that job, i don't want any other job.  i wouldn't want to leave my 4 month old.  i have a hard time leaving my 11 month old, although at times i want to pull my hair out.  i know there are personal differences on the issue but there are gender differences, and i don't want to be treated like a man.  i wish i didn't have to work.  i have a hard time working the little i do, going to school, keeping the house clean, and all that comes with managing a house.  it's hard work and it's a bummer at some point soon i'm going to have to leave palmer in the care (hopefully only part-time) of someone else.  it hurts my heart, but given the way of the world we couldn't make it if i didn't have any income.  i know if i didn't have a choice i would be bummed, but i wish i could just be a mom.

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