Tuesday, August 31, 2010

quick trip

we took a quick trip up the poudre river to see devotchka @ mishawaka
it was a rush to get there. . .

stopping to look for camping. . . all the camping was full. next time i'll be sure to make reservations, but we did find a place eventually.

wasn't long enough to fully recharge but sure was pretty!

Sunday, August 29, 2010


aren't these great? find them here

Friday, August 27, 2010

rough week

this was at target. i didn't buy it but thought it was pretty cute
i volunteered at the race for research last sunday giving runners massage. . .
a little water color, it is abstraction of a orchid

Thursday, August 26, 2010

this morning

there was a brown grasshopper on my windshield. looking right at me. he sat there as i drove. i was going to brush him off but realized there were a bunch of bird and worried about him, so i backed up back by my yard and got out and shoo'ed him off. . .
grass hopper medicine?

Grasshoppers/Locusts medicine includes jumping across space and time, astral travel, new leaps forward/leaps of faith/jumping without knowing where you will land, leaping over obstacles, ability to change careers quickly.

There are 10,000 or so species of grasshopper, they are cold blooded as all insects are and are more mobile when it is warmer. Each species has their own unique song. However, only the males are able to sing with a few exceptions - the males sing to compete for female attention. The power of sound and song is part of grasshoppers medicine. It is an ancient method to use song to alter ones consciousness and communicate with animals and spirits. There are some native amwrican songs that date back 20,000 years. If grasshopper has leapt into your life, maybe you need to recognise where you come from, to go back to your roots and to honour your ancestors.

Grasshopper is the Chinese symbol of good luck and abundance. Anyone with this power animal has been given the ability to take chances - to act on a whim and jump right in. For them things may not progress step by step as they do for other people progress - but rather extremely fast. When taking that leap simply trust your own instincts on when to make the leaps. Listening to your inner voice and responding to it will lead you to positive outcomes. Don’t be afraid to make that leap, remembering all the while that Grasshopper’s only ever jump forwards and never backwards!

Remember: the fruits of the earth are for all to enjoy and there is plenty for all if used in a sacred way. People sometimes forget this sacred balance and take more than needed - this may also be an indication of people taking from you. Do others claim too much of your time and energy? Do they try and make you take responsibility for their actions? Ask yourself these questions, remembering that the going only gets tough when we refuse change.

sounds good! (got this info from here)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

go with the flow

i made something! yey me!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

few things

i got myself @ peppermint the other week for my birthday. . .

Saturday, August 7, 2010

what a mess

no wonder i've felt completely unorganized and uninspired, my life was cluttered:

so our house phone broke and i bought a new one and then in the process of unplugging the old one and trying to get the new one in i had to actually face down my desk and office, which turned into a whole house cleaning. i couldn't stop. . . i still have a huge pile of to do stuff but it feels nice to a place to do it AND a started a drawing/painting!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

new necklace

my post birthday look what i got (myself)
i finally checked out this cute boutique peppermint
i'll have to show you my other finds later but this necklace
the clasp is like my leo sign
kiko said, who's pictures are you going to put in, it has to be people who are dead.
i said NO!
but then realized it kind of did so here's who i pick:

who would you pick?

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

girls night out: birthday

forgot this pic of the view from jill's
sarah and i @ mataam fez
things got a little swurly
it's a moroccan place, sit on the floor, belly dancing, eat with your fingers. . .
we had sooo much fun!
after dinner my friend andrew met us out @ lost lake.
then we went to p.s. lounge. i was telling the owner pete, how much i love his bar. they have a great juke box and every girl gets a free rose and a shot. pete bought us drinks and gave me a birthday present (a $20 gift certificate)! how sweet was that!
rock bar. . .
i had the best birthday ever!

Monday, August 2, 2010

birthday day

we went to the renaissance festival and to visit my friend jill. . .
this elephant was done with the parade and they said get out of the way and a family of 4 literally froze in front of it. it was weird. the lady literally had to yell and push them out of the way, "the elephant won't stop for you."
turkey leg

kiko cracking open a geod for me
jill's really cute place

i cried when i saw the nursery it's so peaceful, i loved it!

guest room

a great view!
this is actually from play date on friday afternoon