Sunday, June 19, 2011

Meditation Retreat

this weekend i went to pingree park out of ft. collins for a meditation retreat.

pouder river on my drive up. there is heavy run off right now

this is the class room where our classes where

on the hike saturday afternoon

gen losel on the left is the teacher and on the right was a monk from ft. collins

i saw a moose too but didn't get pictures!

this is the dorm we stayed in


rain the whole drive home down the mountain!

it was a very peaceful time and my meditation practice definitely grew!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

be a vulture

so i look up animal totems from time to time. . . when i was in the northwest we saw a LOT of vultures. . . culturally vultures get a bad wrap but here's what i found on the internet.

The vulture is a very powerful totem. Its cycle of power is year-round. Vulture it can show you how to use energy powerfully and efficiently. It glides effortlessly on the winds, soaring to extraordinary heights while using little or no energy. The Vulture skillfully employs already existing air currents against the pull of gravity, symbolizing the distribution of energy so that gravity (or cares) do not weigh it (you) down.

i love the wings, it's how you can tell a vulture from a hawk, those finger like feathers. . . maat here has vulture wings. . .

sports page poem

@ work yesterday, i made this collage out of the sports page (and a khols catalog & w few pictures from the westward)

Monday, June 6, 2011

sun, ocean, bubbles, flowers, family & rainbows

a very soul nourishing trip home. . . it was amazing.
i got plans. . . ideas. . . to hopefully be able to visit more.