Wednesday, September 3, 2008


I'm having a hard time not getting worked up by this election.  I have heard so many things that make me feel so passionately one way or another.  Especially this whole mccain palin pick.  Also all the things i hear the pundits say.

I cannot believe a rational thinking human being would not want to do anything that may improve, delay or fix climate change issues.  There is actually a lot of science on the issue and even if we aren't to blame, what is the worst thing that can happen by doing something to make this planet a better place?  Sarah Palin doesn't think humans are to blame  and opposes placing the polar bears as a threatened species because it will harm oil and gas development in polar bear habitat in Alaska (so human life is the only life worth fighting for?).  This video puts it best.  I really think you have to be an idiot not to make any changes and just gobble up the last of our non-sustainable resources.  The politicos talked about green economy at the DNC and championing green technology will create jobs for Americans.  It will also help with this energy crisis.  This isn't the first energy crisis America has experienced, can't we learn from our past and make some new choices and decisions about how to deal with it.  Drilling for oil and destroying the enviroment will only work for so long.  We don't have much oil left, if we go on using at this same speed and ferocity.  We have reached peak production and are using more and more.  There will never be cheap gas again.

Also the war on terrorism.  Eckhart Tolle says "These days you frequently hear the expression "the war against" this or that, and whenever I hear it, I know that it is condemned to failure.  There is a war against drugs, the war against terrorism, the war against cancer, the war against poverty, and so on.  For example, despite the war against crime and drugs, there has been a dramatic increase in crime and drug-related offenses in the past twenty-fice years.  The prison population of the United States has gone up from just under 300,000 in 1980 to a staggerng 2.1 million 2004".  It goes on.  I just watched a documentary american drug war:  the great white hope.  it really makes a some pretty great points about how the drug war is not going to be won.  EVER.  it reminds me of the quote, "what you resist persists".  I heard Bill Maher talk about a report by the non-partisan RAND corperation that discusses how war cannot defeat terror.  It says that military force does not work.  i urge you to read it.  it is so important to inform yourself about these issues, I wish Washington would too.

I watched the speeches last night at the RNC and Fred Thompson's speech floored me.  i understand we should honor McCain's service and his situation as a POW.  It was a terrible thing but it is the reality of war, death and destruction are not pretty or nice in any sense and he did proved himself a good solder.  Is war always the answer?  Thompson said, "We need a president and vice president who will take the federal bureaucracy by the scruff of the neck and give it a good shakin'."  What does that mean?  The pundits said that's good meat and potato's for the base, but what does that mean for the rest of us non-base people?  

Now I have to talk a little bit about this sex ed.  Adstinance only obviouly does not work.  We can see how well it worked in Sarah Palin's family.  I do not judge her daughter but as we learned on schoolhouse rock knowledge is power!  We must educate our youth about why abstaining makes sense, and if you don't this is what happens.  How to prevent unwanted pregnancy so people will not have to get abortions and also disease prevention is so important.  

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