Wednesday, February 25, 2009

t i r e d

i should be napping with palmer.  he woke up with a coughing fit right when i was going to bed last night, late because i went to yoga after class, so i didn't get to sleep until almost midnight!  then he work up at like 6.  ugh!    but i was inspired by tyler to go for a jog today.  well a walk jog but hey you gotta start some where right.  now i don't feel like doing a thing but laying around outside and enjoying the creepy spring weather.  i should study for my test i have friday. . . . ugh.  does anyone else get frustrated by the amount of constant cleaning required to keep your house looking good.  somedays (like yesterday) i'm gung ho, get the house all tidy then i look around today and bam bang boom, a mess again.  well i just cleaned it up, needs another vacuum once palmers up then we're going to hang with my friend nan for bit.

Monday, February 23, 2009

it's ok

a while ago i read in a magazine about these little "it's ok" sculptures.  (here)  i like the mantra.  i painted this real quick a while ago to put in my bathroom to remind me. . . it's ok.  sometimes that's enough!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

my latest paper

is an analysis of gustav klimt's 1903 oil painting hope.  

Friday, February 20, 2009


these are some really cool art nouveau tiles that were on sale on ebay!  i love the colors!  i want to try and paint something like it.  next weekend i'm going to the vance kirkland museum for art nouveau class.  our teacher said it's a hidden treasure, with a great collection of art nouveau stuff.  i have to write a paper this weekend for that class too, my head has been too stuffy for it this week.

another doodle from class.  kiko said, that's my head.  

i'm trying to find a balance between knowing what is going on in the world and not feeling a lot of stress about it.  i had to pay that stupid $190 ticket and the post office lost my health insurance bill and i hadn't realized it so i had to pay near $800.  that's a thousand dollars in the drop of a hat.  plus i've been listening to npr's planet money.  it's great and makes all this craziness easy to understand but it's not looking good people.  it's pretty much all bad news.  so should i not listen and just live in blissful ignorance, since in reality my business is doing well, kiko's doing well.  i don't know. . . . 

but i watched a great frontline on pbs about how we got into this mess.  it was very informative.  
i think i'm going to buy some back episodes of this american life.  i did that already this week but i listened to them all already.  this weeks one was so great!  you have to listen to it.  somewhere out there.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

organizing sick

i got the old organizer from my chair massage place and thought i would utilize it and organize all my art supplies, which were in boxes in the garage.
this is an old life drawing from a model in class.  it was an older lady, i think i gotta take another life drawing class.
this was little dried flowers i enlarged.
collage of a detail of a klimt painting.
top of my new art cabinet.  paints, in the box is full of glitter and stamps.
first drawer, is mostly pencils.  color pencils, charcoal, tape. . . 
embroidery stuff
more paints, pastels.
yarn and paper. . . 

so i'm sick as i've been in a long time.  cough.  snot.  my head hurts so bad.  ugh!  so no work again today.  in almost 2 months i've worked this shift once!  but you can't give massages when your coughing, but you can get them!  and i'm going to go get one.  actually gotta head out now

Friday, February 13, 2009

d o . o d l e

this is a doodle from class. . . i have been thinking about something i read in my expressive arts therapy class that to be creative you must actively engage in the process.  in our society people want fast results.  to be able to take a pill to fix what is ailing you what ever it may be but no matter what most things actually require some work, being aware, being present and actually doing something.  so in creating art, to be an artist, you actually have to do.  i want to say just do it, but that phrase has become kind of ugly thanks to corporate commodification.  so i'm going to just have to stick with do.  do do do do do.   doooooo

a cool zen saying off my water bottle. . . 

before enlightenment
chop wood
carry water

after enlightenment
chop wood
carry water


Wednesday, February 11, 2009


i was making banana bread from jessica seinfeld's book deceptively delicious and found twins when getting the egg whites.  there was a catastrophe though.  i had left all the wet ingredients in a bowl and then we ran to our friends house and when i came back to finish i grabbed the bowl out of the fridge and it slipped and broke all over the floor.  oh well, that's life.  no banana bread.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Monday, February 2, 2009


i got a ticket for speeding.  going 33 mph.  $190!  you have got to be fucking kidding me.    i saw all the cop cars too. . . look at those cop cars.  what, you want me?  why?  no i don't know what i did wrong.  what?  yes i was going around 30 mph.  oh ok.  i honestly didn't know what was going on.  i thought maybe my tags were expired or something.  ugh!