Sunday, September 27, 2009


Concentrated attention is the collection of units of power on a chosen point of intention.”
James Arthur Ray quotes

“Good intentions are at least, the seed of good actions; and every one ought to sow them, and leave it to the soil and the seasons whether He or any other gather they fruit”
William Temple, Sr. quotes

”Our intention creates our reality.” --Wayne Dyer

”A good intention clothes itself with power.” --Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Every intention sets energy into motion whether you are conscious of it or not." Gary Zukav

Intentions compressed into words enfold magical power.
Deepak Chopra

Intention moves energy.
Silvia Hartmann

"The road to hell is paved with good intentions corrupted by our fears. Love does not obey our expectations, it obeys our intentions. God's Will is whatever we do with good intention. Life does not obey our expectations. Life obeys our intentions, in ways we may not expect. A good intention is like the seed of a tree whose fruit we do not know." Lloyd Strom

"Choose your intention carefully and then practice holding your consciousness to it,
So it becomes the guiding light in your life." John Roger

Thursday, September 24, 2009


why do people, who i give a job to, in these hard economic times flake out. tonight there were TWO people waiting for a massage and the girl no showed. no called no showed. i've been putting so much time and energy into trying to build a business and bam bang boom. two pissed off people who may never come back. this is the second time in a week a massage therapist has flaked out on me. it's so lame. . . it's not the way i roll. . . i only have solice in knowing what goes around comes around. so suck for you guys!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Friday, September 18, 2009

self care

i always suggest epson salts and could never remember the exact benefits of it. do it! take care of you!

Amazing Health Benefits of Epsom Salt Baths

By Melissa Breyer, Senior Editor, Healthy & Green Living

Many of us are deficient in magnesium, and by simply soaking in a relaxing bath with magnesium-rich Epsom salt we can boost our levels of this important element. “Magnesium,” you might wonder, “what’s the big deal?” Find out the importance of magnesium and discover the many surprising health benefits of using Epsom salt in your bath.

We all know about the importance of iron and calcium, but what about magnesium? It is the second-most abundant element in human cells and the fourth-most important positively charged ion in the body. Surprisingly, it helps the body regulate over 325 enzymes and plays an important role in organizing many bodily functions, like muscle control, electrical impulses, energy production and the elimination of harmful toxins.

According to the National Academy of Sciences, most Americans are magnesium deficient, which the academy says helps to account for high rates of heart disease, stroke, osteoporosis, arthritis and joint pain, digestive maladies, stress-related illnesses, chronic fatigue and a number of other ailments. Who knew?!

Americans’ magnesium levels have dropped by half in the last century due to changes in agriculture and diet. Industrial farming has depleted magnesium from soil and the typical American diet contains much less magnesium than that of our forefathers. And in fact, the modern American diet with its fat, sugar, salt and protein actually works to speed up the depletion of magnesium from our bodies.

Interestingly, our focus on getting enough calcium is another factor in decreased magnesium levels. In a delicate dance of balance, calcium depletes magnesium yet calcium functions best when enough magnesium is present. Studies indicate that taking a calcium supplement without enough magnesium can increase the shortage of both nutrients. Researchers have found that many Americans have five times as much calcium as magnesium in their bodies, although the proper ratio for optimum absorption of both minerals is two to one.

With such widespread magnesium deficiency one might think that magnesium supplements would be called upon, but studies show that magnesium is not easily absorbed through the digestive tract. The presence of specific foods or drugs, certain medical conditions, and the chemistry of a person’s stomach acid can render magnesium supplements ineffective.

This brings us to Epsom salt. Known scientifically as hydrated magnesium sulfate, Epsom salt is rich in both magnesium and sulfate. While both magnesium and sulfate can be poorly absorbed through the stomach, studies show increased magnesium levels from soaking in a bath enriched with Epsom salt! Magnesium and sulfate are both easily absorbed through the skin. Sulfates play an important role in the formation of brain tissue, joint proteins and the proteins that line the walls of the digestive tract. They stimulate the pancreas to generate digestive enzymes and are thought to help detoxify the body of medicines and environmental contaminants.

Researchers and physicians suggest these health benefits from proper magnesium and sulfate levels, as listed on the web site of the Epsom Salt Industry Council:

* Improved heart and circulatory health, reducing irregular heartbeats, preventing hardening of the arteries, reducing blood clots and lowering blood pressure.
* Improved ability for the body to use insulin, reducing the incidence or severity of diabetes.
* Flushed toxins and heavy metals from the cells, easing muscle pain and helping the body to eliminate harmful substances.
* Improved nerve function by electrolyte regulation. Also, calcium is the main conductor for electrical current in the body, and magnesium is necessary to maintain proper calcium levels in the blood.
* Relieved stress. Excess adrenaline and stress are believed to drain magnesium, a natural stress reliever, from the body. Magnesium is necessary for the body to bind adequate amounts of serotonin, a mood-elevating chemical within the brain that creates a feeling of well being and relaxation.
* Reduced inflammation to relieve pain and muscle cramps.
* Improved oxygen use.
* Improved absorption of nutrients.
* Improved formation of joint proteins, brain tissue and mucin proteins.
* Prevention or easing of migraine headaches.

All this from a bath, hurray! While there are many different brands of Epsom salt, they are all the same product chemically, and can be found at most drug stores. Add two cups of Epsom salt and soak for at least 12 minutes. Do this three times weekly.


i went on another run to the park and when i was stretching i saw this upside down. it's amazing how different things look from a different perspective. . . it was beautiful

Oh, The Temptation from Steve V on Vimeo.

saw this on cup of jo. . . so sweet and funny!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

oh my. . . this is cool

scribble project! i don't know if i'll be able to sleep now! freaking awesome!

dance dance dance

if i won the lottery i would take lots of dance classes. jazz, modern, a lot. i try and imagine moving like a dancer in yoga class, and i think that's why i loved taking step arobics at the gym because it was like little dance steps. kiko used to tease me a lot about watching all the dance shows. i haven't really watched so you think you can dance since part of the first season until last season (i love having a dvr). and i watched the performances on the mtv music awards. . .

i think beyonce may have made kiko a dance convert. . . she rawks! (he's just interested in her talent right?! hehehe)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


so i was good today and ran to the park and let palmer play at the playground then ran home. the lake at city park was smooth as could be, it was really beautiful. at a yoga class a while back we did a meditaion where we imagined sitting by a smooth lake and it's been really helpful for me to still my mind. thinking of the smooth still water. . . smooths and stills my over stimulated brain.

blogs & friend

i think my inspiration blog list is getting a little out of control. every day i want to add another one. . .

everyone is talking about bend the rules with fabric by amy.

you've gotta listen to this weeks this american life about frenemies. . . it was just what i needed.

Monday, September 14, 2009


so i got 2 shade trees through the city! though i didn't get the yummy maple i wanted to can't really argue with free! meet mr. frontier elm and mr. bloodgood london planetree. . . which will be gracing our front yard on saturday oct 3rd!

i want

this scarflette for christmas. . . or to learn how to make it!

that's my name

this blog mentioned this site, i too love different fonts and lettering. . . pretty fun!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


looking on unruly things, she had a link to these pictures from the new camera on the hubble telescope. they are spectacular! it's pretty amazing what's out there. . .

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

artist date

i've been doing the artist's way, and you're supposed to nurture your inner artist by going on an artist date every week. i have always wanted to learn about letterpress, i love it. lo and behold denver has resources. i want to go foil + dies for a tour and maybe take the next workshop they offer. now just figuring out how to do this with a 23 month old crazy boy toddler that is my companion. . .

Monday, September 7, 2009


check out some good advice here. joanna is on her honeymoon so she's having lots of guest bloggers giving their advice on marriage. . . pretty great stuff.

Friday, September 4, 2009

blame it on the moon

today was one of those days. i forgot it was a full moon! duh! always always the moon effects the sea why wouldn't it effect me! so i checked out my horoscope here and it was right on. . . like so super duper right on.

bleeding knees

i'm so in love with caitlin shearer's art! she has some new t-shirts (check them out here or buy them here)

this shirt reminded me of a poem i wrote in 1998:

yes, I did – in that dream
grab hold of that speeding star
and let it drag me on my

i sat on the African Plateau looking over me,
me and bleeding knees

and seeing
laid out on the teetering table
a platter and a silver spoon
a paper plate with a hot dog bun.
all of me.
every stopped clock and broken mirror
and terrible painting on the wall
all reflect the
spilling glass
of red wine on my table
and the bitter sweet juice
sank through the table and became
a cloud of rain
it dripped on
me and my bleeding knees.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

in good company

i realized i'm not the only one who has taken a picture of a toilet. . .
Edward Weston Excusado (Toilet), 1925; photograph; gelatin silver print

though his is a big grander than mine. . . i liked the light in palmer's bathroom yesterday. then i realized "i just took a picture of the toilet".

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

let it go. . .

i've been using this visualization lately. with anything i don't need, any emotion, any worry, any annoyance. . . i imagine filling a balloon up with it and letting it go. . . watching it float up up and away, leaving me lighter.

"Finish each day and be done with it. You have done what you could. Some blunders and absurdities no doubt crept in; forget them as soon as you can. Tomorrow is a new day; begin it well and serenely and with too high a spirit to be encumbered with your old nonsense."
~Ralph Waldo Emerson