Wednesday, September 10, 2008

lies lies

i know people get tired of the mud slinging with politics but the more you learn you have to get impassioned by this whole thing.  if you pay attention to the issues, the truth and the lies, the policies, you would have to care one way or another.  apathy is very dangerous especially when the election is going to be so close.  

bush's speech writers are putting words in the mouths of mccain and palin.
carl rove is helping them!  
this is not change!  this is the same old b.s.

they are being branded exactly the same as bush.  they are putting out, talking about their weakest point, like it is their strongest (this i guess is a rovian technique used with bush.  if you are screaming about it people just believe even though its all lies).  how can you be so against the man, the lobbyist and the pork belly spending when your entire campaign staff is made up of lobbyist?!

this is true.  mccain has had 59 lobbyist raising money for his campaign, more than any other presidential candidate.

A top adviser to John McCain's campaign, former lobbyist Charlie Black, previously represented a Moscow think tank run by former Russian Telecommunications Minister Leonid Reiman.

this site is awesome.

According to an analysis of fund-raising data released Thursday by the nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics, Sen. McCain raised more money in June and July from larger donors in 15 of the top-donating 25 industries than did Sen. Obama.

The Republican nominee drew more donations from executives at oil and gas, real-estate, securities and investment and insurance companies, the data showed. He raised $22.3 million from the top 25 industries in the two-month period, compared with Sen. Obama's $19.9 million.

he is surrounded by lobbyist, taking money from corperations.  he's not walking the walk, he's just talking the talk.  it's so frustrating.  

palin is continuing to lie her pants off giving the exact same speech over and over.  i'm so glad she is back in alaska after today.  let's just pray and pray the spike in popularity just drops once the focus is back on mccain.

she didn't sell her jet on ebay (she listed it on ebay but it didn't sell).
she didn't fire the personal chef (she changed the job title, but she still cooked for her kids).
she wasn't against the bridge to nowhere (she was for it, then against it, then kept the money).  
she charged the state per-diem for being at her house with her kids in wasilla.

there was a quote i heard on keith oberman last night: "you can't legislate ethics, either have them or you don't."

it's seems obvious that they don't have it.

i wish i could scream this information on a mountain top.  

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