Thursday, December 13, 2012

free flow

sometimes you feel like an open sore
it makes it hard to fucking soar
i just ran for the door
it hurt so bad, i hurt him back

make me feel like i tree
so then i can open up and be free
what will it take for me to see?
don't even know, which way to go

i asked for help what more can i do
sometimes it's hard to even tie my shoe
please just help me to just get a clue
guess i just gotta, go with the flow

fancy meeting you here
can i get you a cold beer?
did i see a glimpes of fear?
behind those eyes, every time

some call it baggage some call it life
we all have to walk through the strife
please don't stab me with that big knife
i walk alone to my car, then home

they say it's written on the wall
message to me in the bathroom stall
hope this isn't a humpty dumpty fall
god whispered to me, with elbows on the bar

how to create what i really want
can i even choose the perfect font
remember that story about the shot
she's shining her light, holding on tight

what do i even want to be known for
helping people so they're not sore?
or creating things no one has seen before
making it magic, attracting fanatics

i won't even be lost and alone
when i can just pick up my phone
i don't want to become a drone
calling all guides, to get me through this time

let go of all guilt and shame
it shouldn't be a part of the game
i don't know if i'll ever be tame
bohemian lives, fit just right

hipsters and scenesters become ring wrathes
constantly seeking to fill the space
never giving up the chase
seeking soul tribe, won't give up this time

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

kimchi stew

So my favorite restaurant City O' City has some really yummy kimchi stew, and i decided to make my own, it turned out soooo good!
so yummy!  i looked at a recipe just kind of made up my own
by adding bok choy and instead of tofu used quina. . . and added a little tomatos too
it's my new favorite thing!
i used zuke kimchi!  it's amazing

Thursday, December 6, 2012


i ache for him
from head to toe
i feel the longing
right down to my bones
if today was my last
i'd want to be in his arms
there's no safer place
i feel cared for and warm.

he gently kisses my body
and stares intensely at me
it constantly makes me
feel weak in the knees
his love envelopes and
i can't hardly get free
i want to be with him
why, god, can't we be?

frequently frightened
he runs for the door
leaving me sobbing
a crumpled mess on the floor
leaving me aching
just wanting for more.

down to my marrows
my heart beats on time
but he's lost in his ocean
and the fog in his mind
broken and beaten
so much work left to do
i can't help him or save him
as much as i want to.

so here at an impasse
our paths don't converge
he knows how i feel
we have to diverge
it's not what i long for
the him that i see
he is a spectacular being
that i love with my bones.