Monday, September 8, 2008


i am feeling a lot more peace about all this, maybe it's because i've taken a little break from watching pundits.  i do have a new movie to watch called split: a divided america.  it looks pretty interesting.  had tucker carlson saying that middle america feels that they don't have any control over their lives and that very educated people are making all the decisions.  maybe it will give me some context in how other people think.

i was really feeling the me vs. these people (people who are on board with mccain/palin) and that's not healthy either.  i was having so much fear that there are going to be people in the white house who get to make decisions about how i live my life in ways that i do not want.  i know i don't have the answers but neither to they.  books, war, choice, religion.

my mom said i need to be careful about who i share my views with.  i don't at work, but people need to be able to talk about politics.  that's what america is supposed to be about.  freedom of speech.  right?

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The Lucks said...

We were founded on our rights of freedom. It is scary, yet oh so true, that we must be careful what we say in the atmosphere we may be in at the time. Just speak the truth, Abby.