Wednesday, July 21, 2010

books i've been reading

THIS is what i want to do when i grow up (with a little of this)

i love books. . . i love the library. . .
i want a YUDU for my birthday! if i could make money using it could i write it off? another small business. . .

Monday, July 19, 2010

for cadee

my friend cadee's birthday party was this weekend and i got her these 2 paper dolls from illustrated ink in austin. check out her blog. . tattoo tales.
well they aren't here yet but she'll be getting them this week, i didn't plan it very well.

my birthday is coming right up, next saturday. . . what am i going to do???

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


i love this picture from the sartorialist. . . him and his mother in the 70's.
i aspire to be that cool of a mama. . .

Friday, July 9, 2010

the reseach is in

i know it's scary but it's our fault, as a collective.
people need to be educated of the consequences of their actions.
corporations are not behaving properly, we are not paying attention.
people are being poisoned.
the water is being poisoned all over.
oil and gas are not the answers.

things i came home with. . .

it's fairly easy to see the inspiration!
kitchy for the kitchen. . .
my subconscious was giving me a message!
remember these?!
a set of tootsie metal cars

vintage tonka
mary came home to live @ my house
vintage metal tractor and wagon. . .
pretty cool!


4 generations of woelfels, loved great grandma!
window boxes!
cheese curds anyone!
mirro @ night. empty buildings 2 blocks big. . .
they should be building wind turbines or solar panels or hydro electric bueys. . .

traveling by air. . .

oh mother oh son

from the old folks home we stayed in. . .
it was quite lovely, i would have happily moved right in.
i love old folks!

green woods

how i love the woods! i love the moisture!
i even love the pesky mosquitoes. . . because without the water there wouldn't be mosquitoes and the water makes everything GREEN and GROW. . .
colorado desert dries me out!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

the knox's

we got to hang out at kiko's parent's friends the knox's
my pictures don't quite do it justice
it was such a beautiful place!

i got lucky! 4 leaf clover

apple trees
i loved the garage! it was a great bar!

part of the kingsbury collection.
this was seriously like a museum. i saw one empty can of kingsbury @ the antique store for $10!

4th of july

he works on bikes
puppy. . . name not decided. muttsly?!

sue and i were so inspired by the metal toys. . . stay tuned to see how we over did it at the antique store!

a snippit

i have quite a few pictures from our trip to manitowoc. . . here are a few for now

lake shells by the lake shore
i realized i better get a few pictures of me since i was photographer for the trip
palmer and i getting our feet in the water.
it was so lovely i would have loved to actually dive in but didn't have a towel or swim suit.
next time i go i'm having a picnic by the beach!

the marina, by the yaught club. . .
we stayed at great grandma's old folks home.
right next to our apartment was the prayer room. . .
i fell in love with this little house for sale.
huge trees, a dead end road, lots of flowers, door from drive into kitchen.
6 bedrooms, 3 bath, listed for 89,000!
this old bird was shut down. kind of sad.
mirro was a very large company that operated out of manitowoc and shut down years ago.
it reminded me of the town i grew up in rainier, or. we had a nuclear power plant and when that shut down the town kind of died.

manitowoc is beautiful, right on the water. the people are nice and the food is good.