Monday, September 29, 2008

McCain blames Obama for bailout defeat

yes of course it's obama's fault.  

planet money has a million links.  i was going to paste one, then i went to another and another.  you can nose around your self if you want to learn more.  also thought this article in the economist was pretty good.

i think the main thing is no one knows what to do.  oh wait, no one does.  no one knows if this bail out will work on the long run, but how bad are things going to get in the short run if we don't do anything?  

it's pretty crazy the dow dropped almost 800 points.  eek!

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The Lucks said...

And today the Dow closes +485. It is all an illusion of bullshit. Honestly, in 1987 the dow closed 20% loss. Did we survive? Yes, we did. What needs to happen is we need to shut down the high rollers, and let the middle class regain control. Honestly, people need to read history - see what has happened in the past - because, honestly, we are replaying the past, only with ipods and cell phones. It is absurd.