Sunday, August 31, 2008

evolve or die

i think EVERYONE in America should watch:  an inconvenient truth, crude impact, everythings cool, america freedom to facism, sicko, and black gold: the history of oil.  

i am so sick and tired of these political ads about how so and so running for this is against drilling. . . . blah blah blah.  we are in the end times people.  using up every drop of oil is not the answer.  we have go to make some changes, not matter how scary it may seem.  crude impact and black gold (a documentary from the history channel) were SO informative about oil.  do you know exactly what it is?  do you know when we reached our highest production?  do you know how much is left on the earth?  

do you know that during bush's administration they have changed actual scientific documents about climate change?

you need to educate yourself because you can't believe everything you hear a pundent or politician say.  i know you can't believe everything you see on a documentary either but you can believe some of it.

i think it seems so dense to just think it's not true, we don't need to change.  when there is a chance that it is and if there is a chance and it's true, we are going to be unable to sustain our life style let alone the population on this world.  

why are so many american's unwilling to make a change?

p.s. please click on the colored words for links for information about the movies.