Thursday, September 4, 2008


i just heard a guy from this website on NPR.  It's pretty awesome to help you figure out what these politicos are saying is true or not.  if you have any questions about anything any of these speakers have said it gives you the real deal.  very easy to find information too.

i have to make a quick comment about palin's snide comment last night about the columns behind barack obama during his acceptance speech, i believe they were a tribute to MLK who's "I have a dream" speech was given 45 years (to the day right?!) ago under the lincoln memorial, which happens to have some greek white columns.  


The Lucks said...

Ah, girl! That is exactly what I sat there and was thinking when I was watching. Snide, ignorant, self-absorbed woman she is! I love these blogs. Thank you for writing them. I finally ended an e-mail debate with an older woman I work with when a phrase in her sentence was "country first and fight off the terrorists." Whatever.

Peace! Again, thank you!!!!

The Lucks said...

Thank you so much for writing all of these! Absolutely fantastic!!!! I am glad someone shares my wholehearted absolute understanding of the importance of the state of our nation, freedom, health, etc.

Awesome. Peace.

Obama/Biden '08