Thursday, February 25, 2010

bye pat

i just learned via random myspace cruzing that an ol'buddy of mine from the nw pat died last may, right when i graduated. i didn't know him that well obviously but we had kept in touch over the years. he was such a talented guy a musician and tattoo artist. it makes me sad knowing he's not out there somewhere doing something great. . . he was so young and so full of possibility. the last email i sent him was about being healthy, he said he would respond later when he had more time but that i should call him. i wish i would have called him. . .

Monday, February 22, 2010


they were selling these beautiful blossoms at whole foods. . . i loved them! it was snowing outside but seeing that spring was blooming some where made me happy.
the new space at the colfax whole foods in golden. i had a great time there yesterday doing 5 minute massages for the whole planet foundation. they give money for mirco-loans for women in the us and around the world. it made me feel good knowing the money we did make and were able to donate would actually make a difference in someone's life.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Top of the Town!!

i've been dreaming about winning 5280 Top of the Town for Massage!
The Massage Spot rocks.
$1 a minute, 5 locations, 50 therapists to choose from.
you can look at my web site here too if you need some more info about what i do

Saturday, February 13, 2010

cute campers

there are more and more of these. kiko and i talk about when we sell this house and move to the northwest we'll get a camper of some sort and travel around the country and visit friends on our way out. . . wouldn't that be fun.

Thursday, February 11, 2010


so i've been invited to run chair massage at another whole foods. the one in golden. we're starting up there on the 22nd. i've been running around like crazy trying to get all my shifts covered and figure everything out. it's good but definitely a lot more work!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


so i was totally sold on an infomercial. it was just on tv after i had played palmer a curious george and i watched for just a second, then i saw it again a few days later. p90x is a home bootcamp. before i had palmer i went all the time to genesis fitness bootcamps here in denver. i could possibly make the 5:30 am classes but this video system is less than one round of bootcamp. and i was running regularly but we've had lots of snow and it's impossible to run with a jogging stroller full of 40 pound toddler on ice. i ordered off of amazon, so it was cheaper still, plus the reviews on amazon were stellar, then negative ones were about the quality of the dvds. i do think i got some pirated version for sure as it won't play on anything but my computer. i was still sick the last couple weeks, i still have a little hanging on but feel a lot better so i started yesterday. i was sore last night, very good work out and another good one this morning. i sweated, palmer just hung around and even did some of the exercises with me! i like it because there only do each exercise once for no longer than 4 minutes so there i a lot of variety plus they do a lot of stretching and yoga before and after which we never did in bootcamp. similar exercises though. there are 12 discs and just saw on amazon there is a bonus pack of videos p90x plus, so you can really mix it up. they have 3 different work out plans too so you do the videos in different orders. there is weight traning, cardio and stretching and yoga. they include a food plan and you can look at the before and afters google it or look on the website. i know you have to work out to get in shape and this makes it easy to do it at home and actually get a good work out!

they should pay me huh?!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

saturday night with claire danes

so tonight was the premere of temple grandin on hbo. it was such an amazing story and a great movie. i cried, almost the whole time (i think i was in need of a good cry). i guess i should say i'm biased for claire danes and have loved her since my so called life, and i even really likes her gap commerical!

temple grandin has a beautiful mind and her story is so inspiring. the movie shows the best humanity of people and the worst. people can be so cruel to that what they don't understand. to see her mother's love and the heart break from not being able to hug your own child. the amazing teacher she had that helped her open doors. how hard she tried to do what she wanted. the ability to explain autism is such a gift. i suggest it. it will win awards next year i'm sure!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

cutest ring

this would be cute for valentines too! (saw it here)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

alive and well

well i am sick and feel like crap AGAIN but the orchid my friend tyler gave me since she moved to seattle is alive and well. . . this is actually from a couple days ago and a few more buds have flowered.