Thursday, October 28, 2010

cute letterpress

how cute are these from here via here

Thursday, October 14, 2010

dress dreaming

i saw this a while ago on the sartorialist and keep dreaming about it. . . hmm. . . i can't afford a louis vuitton dress. sometimes i rue the day i learned what louis vuitton is.

Monday, October 11, 2010


loved the rainbow of colors in these vines. . .

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

crafting & books

so instead of making a painting for tyler, i was inspired to make a dotee doll (she's in there).
i'm ready to send her tyler. . . i need your address because i am an unorganized and didn't write it in my address book. . . like my mess of a "studio".
i love the library. . .
i can shop and shop and get what ever i want :)
i got hundreds of dollars worth of books. i have almost my limit of 5o items checked out right now. a majority are for palmer. . .
i love the seasons book, the pictures are amazing.
i also got the cat's pajamas. the pictures are great in there too, haven't read the story yet.

i am also freaking out about digestive tune up by mcdougall
which i read about in the food revolution which is amazing by the way.

did you know (tyler) that animal protein is associated with decreased bone health? a study from 2010 with more than 750 girls, meat and eggs were found to weaken bones. you may want to check out thrive for your future training.

i also am going to partner with peaceful mountain for Whole Foods Wash Parks, grand re-opening on oct 23rd! i'm pretty excited i thought of the idea and i'll get to learn more about peaceful mountains great products!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

healthy living

feeling inspired by many sources. . . heal your self with food.
i'm afraid for kiko i'm moving gently away from meat.
raw foodie and vegan friends (and bill clinton) are inspiring me to eat in a way that makes me feel my best and be healthy, not only for me but for the world.
the china study
i'm going to check this one out next: the food revolution

my song today

What's this feeling?
My love will rip a hole in the ceiling
Givin' myself to you from the essence of my being
Sing to my God all these songs of love and healing
Want Mashiach now so it's time we start revealing

You're all that I have and you're all that I need
Each and every day I pray to get to know you please
I want to be close to you, yes I'm so hungry
You're like water for my soul when it gets thirsty
Without you there's no me
You're the air that I breathe
Sometimes the world is dark and I just can't see
With these, demons surround all around to bring me down to negativity
But I believe, yes I believe, I said I believe
I'll stand on my own two feet
Won't be brought down on one knee
Fight with all of my might and get these demons to flee
Hashem's rays fire blaze burn bright and I believe
Out of darkness comes light, twilight unto the heights
Crown Heights burnin' up all through the twilight
Said, thank you to my God, now I finally got it right
And I'll fight with all of my heart, and all a' my soul, and all a' my might

Friday, October 1, 2010

3 years ago today

i finished laboring and palmer sioux was birthed. . . wow, time flies!