Wednesday, September 24, 2008

a few points

ugh.  man mccain saying he isn't politicizing this economic issues is such bull.  as i understand it obama called him this morning to work on a statement, talk about it.  mccain says no i'm suspending my campaign and going to work with congress.  while i can see the importance of doing your job, there is NO WAY they can finalize a solution in a few days.  how long will it take?  who knows, but it shouldn't be forced into a few days to finish.  he says if obama would have had town halls, now he's trying to call the shots again.  i wish i could visine his water.

I DO NOT TRUST THIS PAULSON.  i knew something fishy was going on, when he worked at goldman sachs!  how can he be objective about this?  he made $37 million with them in 2005 and $16 million in 2006.  doesn't it seem really fucked up that he is requesting all this money to use at his discression that is "nonreveiwable and committed to agency discretion and may NOT be reviewed by any court of law or any administrative agency"!?!  why not?  what do you have to hide?  something.

thank goodness i wasn't the only one feeling this way.  the FBI is now investigating.

i am also pissed at people saying that this whole crisis is the fault of people who got loans they couldn't afford.  watch that documentary maxxed out, or listen to the NPR this american life, the giant pool of money.  THIS IS NOT ALL THEIR FAULT.  there was preditory lending going on.  to blame stupid people for getting tricked is bull.

oh and what bush said about the economy, "It turns out there's a lot of inner links throughout the financial system."  really you idiot.  just figuring that out now huh?!  ugh!  and i'm supposed to trust what he thinks is best.

NO ONE KNOWS what to do and giving them $700 billion dollars is not the answer.  what happened to free market.  what will happen, how do these 4 companies control our ENTIRE economy?  i'm telling you something really fishy is going on and i'm not buying it.

finally i have been skeptical of this whole feminism and palin thing, but now i'm turning around.  she is not being treated equally, by MCCAIN'S campaign.  why won't they let her talk?  she's just a puppet?  i say FREE SARAH PALIN.  if she's so capable, let her be.  prove us wrong.  treat her like you'd treat any candidate.  for the love of god.

oh, bill clinton on the daily show. . . . 

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The Lucks said...

Girl, I totally 100% agree with you (as do my parents). That is why we have to write to Ken Salazar and give him the heads to take this measure absolutely 100% seriously - give some rich man the reigns, so basically become a Czar? Hmmm, no thank you.