Tuesday, October 15, 2013


i wish i could see you more
makes me think i should see you less
heaven help me whilst i do my very best
babest and magick are what i feel when we're together
but seems like you feel like it is just whatever
all i want to do is to run to you
all i want to do is to run from you
just brake me already i can't take the anxt
it's my fault i feel it but my heart knows no other way
if feelings and attractions can be turned on a dime
i'll pay it all if you'd get the fuck off my mind.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

the thing about the tooth fairy is

the price we put on our children's teeth.
those 'itty bitty things
grown out of our own flesh and bones
that Tooth! the one that's fallen
the winds of change
well, you've heard the story
one cell from Me and
one cell from. . .
the mom and the pops & the birds and the bees!
then there was YOU!
oh, glorious you 
And the stars. . . 
the stars!!
you wouldn't believe the stars that night!
lucky we have this picture.
you can see it here.
man did they shine,
but not at all like ordinary stars.
they literally shone with rainbows.
it Really Happened That Night.
and a child was born
created out of something so small
you can't even see it with your eyes.
not unlike those stars
They are the same thing when you look up close.
Ain't it beautiful when your mind is blown?
most perfect beautiful amazing miracle of mine.
i am blessed, so BLESSED!
To be THE ONLY FAIRY in the world
that gets the chance to pay $5. . .
actually it's a steal
it's worth a million.
this sweet little ivory gem
gifted from the universe
it's worth
every single,

written by me now