Tuesday, May 8, 2012


i'm a butterfly just out of my cocoon
wings unfurled by the light of the super moon
sticky, bent, beautiful, they can't yet support me
but just wait and see i'll be flying high and free
bachelors are faced with a glimpse of pure joy
can they stand like a man or become a little boy?
i no longer feel the need to hide my greatest good
but neither should you, no one ever should  
taken by surprise and enjoying every turn
my life is an amazing movie, i live it, i learn
filling my head with masters insights
so this time i'll continue to burn bright
no longer a plight, i desire much more
and the path will lead me to where's the right door
i exercise, i practice, i create and i pray
something wonderful is happening and it get's better every day
i still have a well & when it runs over i cry
but i know i'll stay connected until the day that i die

Saturday, May 5, 2012

magic last night in the bathroom

i pushed open the door and met Girl's eyes, "You're after me" she says.
"That's OK," I say.
We're leaning against the wall next to each other.
Proud Mary starts to play.  i start to sing along. . . Girl starts singing too "big wheels keep on turning, the proud mary keeps on burning. . . and we're rolling," out of the bathroom stall comes the low part, "rolling"
"rolling on the river"
in perfect harmony, right on key, right on time.  the song is sweet and thick. . .
my partners switch positions. . .
"i love you're cowboy boots"  i tell the woman coming out of the stall.
the beat begins to build. . . i start the choreography. . . facing the mirror.  cowboy boots steps in. . . we are dancing to the beat, doing the exact same choreography.  laughing.
it was my turn in the stall.
cowboy boots says, "i saw tina turner live a few years ago.  you know the walls parted and she came down the stairs and at that moment i thought, 'this woman was put on earth to teach women how to move in heels'".