Wednesday, April 7, 2010

you've got to be kidding me. . .

good morning in denver:
more snow! boo. . . . i don't know if you can see my bulbs coming up at the bottom. spring is starting to come around, but snow again! boo. . .

and on to other bad news. i got a call yesterday morning one of my therapists passed away. such an wonderful guy. so talented and gentle and just such a good good person. and if that wasn't bad enough, he took his own life. i was in such shock. so sad. i've known him for 7 years. it feels almost to the point of rediculous the amount of heavy dramatic stuff going on in my life.

on to brighter things:
so my good buddy tyler had a link to this online class, the art of silliness, by carla sonheim. after my what's been going on in my life i needed some silliness. . . i've been trying to catch up.

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Tyler Larsen said...

this will be good for me! xo