Wednesday, March 31, 2010


there is nothing like digging in the dirt for getting you grounded. i may have over done it a bit but i'm having a good time getting my yard ready for spring. i got some little green house things to get some seeds started for the garden, i planted some strawberries and wondering if these berries will like it here in colorado?! i'll have to water them a lot but it'd be cool to have some berries. hoping we'll get some peaches this year too! lots of pretty bulbs for my flower beds in front. some are coming up but i have some patches so i got some to fill in around them. i was out pulling weeds while the ground is still somewhat soft. . . feels good :)


BabyLuxDesign said...

weird, i love pulling weeds outta the ground when the soils moist...and hate-despise it when the dirts all dried up and you pull and nothing comes out- uh irks me!

miss you.

Elisabeth said...

We've grown raspberries for a few years. Great stuff. They do fine here. I haven't given them any more water than any of our other edibles.

The blueberries (FYI) like acidic soil. You may need to amend the soil. Apparently you can put pine needles around them and they'll be fine. I didn't know that the first time I tried blueberries. They died right away. Been working up the courage to try them again.