Monday, April 19, 2010


so i'm on day 4 of the master cleanse. if you're not familiar with it it's a fast developed by Stanley Burroughs. it consists of fasting from all food and having lemon juice, maple syrup and cayenne pepper with water. a spicy lemonade diet.

this is his book
i've tried it before and never actually done it 100% correctly. i picked up a copy of Tom Woloshyn's the complete master cleanse at whole foods and it gave a lot more detail and i think i have been a lot more prepared for it mentally this time around. i would suggest getting it and reading the whole thing through before you do it.

it's been pretty easy actually. last night at dinner was the first time i was really craving to eat, but i've had the energy to work, do housework, run around after a 2.5 year old. . . and i feel great. i've had some sinus stuff going on for weeks and weeks. i've kept getting sick (along with palmer from preschool) but decided enoughs enough!

it's nice not to worry about what's for dinner too, i can make palmer healthy stuff and kiko is left to his own devices. . . tonight steak, beans and guacamole.

i checked out some raw food cook books from the library today. hoping to start mixing in some healthier stuff when i'm done with the cleanse. but i really do feel good.

one of my favorite books is staying healthy with the seasons by Elson Haas. it's a traditional chinese medicine book about um. . . how to stay healthy with seasons. how many times have you heard people get sick and blame it on the change of seasons? anyway, spring (and fall) are the best times to fast.

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