Thursday, January 22, 2009

tagged twice

once from tyler 75 things you love and once from nan, 25 things about you. . . i will think about the 75 things i love. . . 

1. I used to hate my toes.
2. I love bikram yoga.
3. I tend to be kapha.
4. I’m into the woo woo.
5. I grew up next to a nuclear power plant.
6. I love lush green.
7. My childhood was really very easy and I feel blessed.
8. I’ve never broken a bone (knock on wood).
9. If I had no fear I would be an artist.
10. I want to write a novel.
11. And a childrens book.
12. Sometimes I don’t tie my shoes and that’s ok.
13. I’m addicted to the savage love podcast.
14. I’m totally a nerd in school now.
15. I’m liberal.
16. I had baby fever today while working (oh no! not again!)
17. I want to live on a farm, possibly a commune.
18. I won’t by clothes that advertise a label. (like a shirt that says GAP)
19. I’m kind of addicted to television.
20. I love tea
21. I miss dive bars.
22. I want to learn how to silk screen.
23. I want to be too many things.
24. I must one day own a horse.
25. I love photo booth pictures.

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mama said...

so i have this great idea... you want to write a book- a children's book...right?! and i want to illustrate one- so we should collaborate- you know when we find all that spare time! xo