Wednesday, January 28, 2009

60 minutes

i caught this thing on 60 minutes about caloric restriction.  have you heard about it?  basically if you starve yourself you live longer.  hmmm. . . what's the point in living if all you eat is baby food and walnuts.  also the parallels with anorexia are pretty crazy.  i think it's healthier to fast every once in a while.  also, people will age and die.  why spend how ever much amount of money trying to find a fountain of youth?!  your going to die.  your going to get old.  we all do.  do your best but torturing a bunch of monkeys will hurt your karma and you'll die looking young in a freak accident or something.  i think this is the clip, it's kind of long but if you want to learn how to live forever watch it.

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