Monday, January 26, 2009

l o v e o n e

art nouveau

i am taking an art history class about art nouveau and i'm so excited.  i love it!  i've always enjoyed art nouveau and i'm so stoked about learning all about it.  well, more about it.  for our final we can do an actual art project and i think i will.  i found this random book of poetry and short stories.  on the free shelf of books at mokihana in kauai and was attracted the the cover that is an illustration by attila sassy 'aiglon'.  the book is geza csath the magician's garden and other stories.  this is one of his illustrations.  

then i had to add another cool one i learned tonight.  an embroidery by hermann obrist from 1895 called peitchenheib (whiplash), since i'm in love with embroidery.  i wonder if he did this by hand?

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mama said...

damn...that's embroidered silk?! talented fella.