Saturday, January 31, 2009


i noticed this while driving yesterday, obviously. . . then i was just taking some pictures of things i found interested, aesthetically pleasing.

i had my first therapeutic arts class yesterday.  the reading was awesome.  i'll give you some excerpts:

ideas are the seeds of creative imagination.

images birth one another.

the creative process requires active participation.  being able to commit to creativity (like meditation).

repetition encourages reverie and letting go.

there was a cool activity to make a list of your beliefs about imagination. see if they are positive or negative (like "it's only your imagination" or "you're letting your imagination run away with you".

the class on the other had was not that great.  i'll just say that i felt some people were looking for actual art therapy rather than learning about it.  it made me a little uncomfortable and felt like it was inappropriate.  i don't know. . . i hope it goes better next week.

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