Friday, January 9, 2009

kauai hawaii

these are my try at artistic photos on my holiday. . . . 

this is the sunset from the plane on our flight to hawaii christmas day.  it was pretty freaking cool it was a perfect rainbow.  

this is the sun peaking through the clouds at our "resort" mokihana in kapaa

yeah, a big ol'butt can at the waimea canyon lookout

light house at kilauea point national wildlife refuge.  

tree at the refuge

waves at the refuge

this is a beautiful church up on the north shore in hanalei

this is ke'e beach on the north shore

the amazing sand full of tiny shells at ke'e beach

green walls at ke'e beach

looking out a cave on the north shore

spring running over a road on the north shore

hanalei valley

sunrise from our room

sunrise and a little drift wood fort

our rusty door knob. 

we were on the east side of the island so since palmer goes to sleep so early we didn't catch a sunset this time around

follow the tracks

ah i miss it!

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