Friday, October 10, 2008

why why why

do people think they can believe a random forwarded email. it's so stupid. i'm sure i've done it in the past but i always try and do my own research now.

i'm friends with adrian curry on myspace, don't ask, but she's been writing a lot of blogs about the election and reading the comments just kills me.

obama is not a muslim and just because he attended a predominantly muslim school while living in indonesia, he also went to a catholic school there.

it's retarded. check it out  

better yet from the dogs mouth:

Hi everyone!

Barack Obama was actually sworn into the Senate on his family Bible. He's regularly attended church with his wife and daughters for years.

That's the truth -- Barack Obama is definitely a committed Christian.

I don’t know who starts these nasty rumors about his faith, but they’re really insulting to people of all faiths.

Learn the facts and see photos of Barack swearing into the U. S. Senate on the Bible:

Together we can make sure these negative and divisive attacks don't affect this election.

Thanks for your help.


Elisabeth said...

What's so sad about this is that saying he's a Muslim is somehow a statement against his character.

abby jane said...

oh, i would have no problem with him being a muslim, that's not the deal, it's the lies and the under tone. stupid people thinking he's an terrorist. . . there are email chain letters going around saying he has links with muslim terrorists. that's the problem.

Elisabeth said...

Sorry I didn't respond sooner. I had a whole post planned about the topic, but now my momentum is gone, but I still wanted to comment back and clarify that I wasn't trying to imply that you thought there was anything wrong with Obama or anyone else being muslim. It's just sad to me that people consider that to be a slam. But it's a good thing no one has claimed that he's atheist. Huh?