Thursday, October 23, 2008

since it all lies anyway

coming from the mccain campaign. i watched the whole interaction with joe and obama and i didn't hear him say spread the wealth around, and joe didn't say he's a socialist.

let's just go ahead and call it like it is. mccain's a fascist.

would you rather have someone who's a socialist or a fascist.

i saw a quote, "any working class american that would vote for john mccain is like a chicken voting for colonel sanders."

kiko suggested mccain's torrid gay affair in the pow camp, which caused his first divorce.

i'm fond of my phony statistic that 87% of men who like palin pay for sex regularly.

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The Lucks said...

I like this piece. I think I may post the definitions of Facisim and Socialism on MySpace and ask people which they favor. Which, if anyone favors their police force, their public libraries, their fire departments, etc. Then, yes, they do favor socialism. It's as simple as that.