Tuesday, October 21, 2008


nan wrote a blog about a documentary she watched about tommy chong and i started thinking about how we should be growing hemp in america.  the other day i said to kiko that it should be legal to grow hemp in america, and he said it is, so i looked into it.

"Currently it is illegal to grow hemp in the United States without a special Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) permit being issued."

and of course the DEA isn't passing out permits. here is a story about how hard it is to grow hemp in america.

hemp is quickly grown:

The plant itself is easy to grow in temperate as well as tropical climates, and requires the usual amount of fertilizer and water, but no pesticides nor herbicides. A hemp crop is usually harvested in 100-120 days after reaching a height of 4-15 feet, depending on the variety. At that point one can make it into whatever suits their needs.

it could be used for biomass fuel people!  do you understand how huge that is?  not to mention textiles, food, body care.  i know people have been saying this forever but now with our economy in need of recovery growing something that can quickly be turned into products that could be produced in america seems extra important.

here's the site where i got some info.

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The Lucks said...

When the United States was in its early days of a country, and if you owned land, it was mandatory to grow hemp on the portion of your land, just for the reason you stated the benefits of hemp. I don't understand why it is so hard for the current government to understand that.