Sunday, October 26, 2008

my favorite shows

so we have been watching 2 shows which i love love love and i am always so excited for sunday night.

#1.  True Blood on HBO
it's written by alan ball, six feet under and american beauty.  i've never been into vampires but i think this show is so amazing.  when i was looking for this poster i found it got picked up for a second season, thank god, because i love it.  it's set in LA and the vampires have 'come out of the coffin'.  it's well written and acted and very entertaining and they know how to leave you wanting more every week.  i've always loved alan ball anyway, so check it out.

#2.  Tonight was the season finally of mad men.  it's a really awesome show too on amc.  it's set in the 60's, love the clothes and the drinking and the smoking.  back in the good ol' days!   i dvred the whole last season before this new season started and were hooked.  also great writing and acting.  promise you'll love it!

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