Tuesday, October 21, 2008

palin on cnn

i was watching her and this is what she said:

CNN: What is your role going to be as vice president?

Palin: Well, we've talked a lot about that, John McCain and I have, about the missions that I'll get to embark on if we are so blessed to be hired by the American people to work for them. It's gonna be government reform, because that is what I've been able to do as a mayor and as a governor. You take on the special interests and the self-dealings. Yep, you ruffle feathers and you have the scars to prove it afterwards, but you have to take that on to give the American people that faith back in their own government. This is their government and we gotta put it back on their side. So, government reform and energy independence, can't wait to work on that. That's been my forte as the governor of an energy-producing state and as a former chair of the energy regulator entity up there in Alaska. So, look forward to that and that's a matter of national security and our economic prosperity opportunities. That though, too, the other mission that John and I are anxious for me to lead on is helping our families who have children with special needs, ushering in that spirit to Washington, D.C., where we saw, we're gonna give every child a chance and a good educational opportunity will be provided. That's gonna be a matter, too, of prioritizing the federal dollars that are already there and making sure that every child is given opportunity.

i'm sorry but i'm still confused about this ruffling feathers thing.  what exactly that means for me.  and we've already had one president who sounds like and idiot, we don't need another.  i'm sorry but using proper grammar when you speak isn't too much to ask from the 2nd most important person on the ticket.  but i guess the 1st isn't doing that great either:


and i'm sure you've all heard about her $150,000 make over and neiman marcus and sacs fifth avenue!  so small town!

curious about the real america?  watch this clip!  you need to learn something from these people. . . and this town. . . much more special that any big city. . . much more american

obama may not have lived as long as john mccain but i would guess his education as a lawyer would give him some insight into the constitution of the united states which is probably the most important thing a president should understand, not how to fly a plane or shoot a gun.  am i right here?  and i know sarah palin is only the v.p. candidate but according to the answer she gave to a 3rd graders question she doesn't understand what the role of the vp is according to the constitution.  

and according to the rachel maddow show there are some voting issues in colorado! ugh!

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