Monday, October 6, 2008

from ted

i don't know who ted is but a therapist that works with me emailed it to me and i liked it.

Dear Friend,

This is a time of completion. Take it as a time for personal
completion of projects you have been associated with. Free yourself
form the burdens you have imposed upon yourself by adhering to the
needs of society. Instead, recognize that this cycle of
unsustainable growth and exploitation of the planet is coming to an
end. Do not lament its demise. Instead recognize it as a necessary
step in the evolution of the planet.

You must have the courage to see current crisis for what it is, a
wonderfully necessary step forward for humanity. The dissolution of
the greed and power based culture we have been part of will give way
to a much different world. It will be based more on the female
traits of intuition, nurturing, compassion, and forgiveness. These
are qualities you must emphasize in your own development. Help
others understand the truth behind this collapse of civilization as
we have known it and rejoice in the knowledge that it is leading to
a more wonderful and loving world. However, people must be educated
and properly led in order to avoid dwelling on fear and losing hope.
Love & Light,

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