Saturday, June 19, 2010

time for change

"like satan's own finger painting"
"How do you take it all in? How do you see, feel, understand the impact of what's happening to an enormous portion of our planet, the bleak and oozing death of it all? How do you shrug it off?"

"Because if you're honest, no matter where you stand, no matter your politics, religion, income or mode of transport, you see this beast of creeping death and you understand: That is us. The spill may be many things, but more than anything else it is a giant, horrifying mirror."

(from here check out the article here)

i do think this oil spill should be read like a message from god. . . look at yourselves people. you're killing yourself and the enviroment. i mean if this isn't proof we as an entire race need to change our ways i don't know what the f*&% would do it.

and please god let there be another way than the rape of the land in afghanistan. please let there be another vision of what that country can be. . . please don't let western/american company's go in and destroy their land and their people with no conscious. we know better, please look after the people and the land in afghanistan. amen

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