Monday, June 7, 2010

hmmm. . .

i'm thinking about biting bethany cosentino's (from best coast) heart tattoos on the inner arm.
"palmer" & "pancho"
it's not too visible but it's still tough
kiko is having some superstition with me getting his name tattooed on me.
like then we'd be forced to break up.
kiko is a nick name for francisco an so is pancho.
this picture is from bust magazine

you should also check out new dress a day (that was in bust too!)

1 comment:

Tyler Larsen said...

i heart bust magazine...and love the new dress recycle creative and fun.

the tattoos, cute and you'd rock em' well....but i tip my hat to kiko on the superstition bug i too have always had the notion if you got a name it could haunt i think are different (don't exactly know why) and kiko will be together maybe it's a go! so is kiko's real name like on his birth certificate "francisco"?????