Wednesday, June 2, 2010

day in portland

kiko has been talking about street food in portland for ever. they have rows and rows of vendors all over the place. many were closed for memorial day but we did get korean tacos, which were delish!

i wanted to walk down to water front park to show palmer the water and boats and lo and behold, it was rose festival and the whole park was a carnival!
loved the neon sign but right past here was the bar james used to always take me to when i would come visit!
nice papst still life

it was such a beautiful sunny day we lucked out!
we stumbled upon cargo in the pearl district. . . i coulda spent so much time and money in here but we had a hungry boy!

a while back i had a dream about a crow headed person. . . this was a store moule, i would have liked to check out. we did go to powell's.
palmer sucking up the yummy food from typhoon!
i liked this art nouveau design on a building downtown, 1894
our VERY awesome bed at the lucia hotel. it was great they had a service you could order a loaded ipod if you forgot yours. it was pretty swank
voodoo doughnut. . . maple glazed with bacon.
the old dirty bastard

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