Saturday, June 19, 2010

artist's date. . .

so my good buddy tyler posted this song

i totally love it! kiko went out last night and i was mopping and listening to it on my ipod at 11 pm and was dancing and cried a little bit. i'm all about crying, you gotta cry. it was more of a happy cry, kiko tells me i'm a little crazy but aren't we all?! i had a great night. . .

i painted my toe nails. . . gave myself a mini-facial. . . dry brushed. . . cold shower. . . good lotion. . .

then i hung with my friend bethany. . . so happy for her!

then i watched work of art. thank you sjp, the people on the show showed me something about myself! tyler. . . if it gets picked up again i say you and me on the show! totally perfect story for reality TV. we'd learn so much and i wouldn't get mad if you kicked my butt and i got voted off (but i would have a goal to stay at least 5 episodes!) the boys will just have to figure it out for a couple weeks.

then i saw live from abbey road with melody gardot and her story was amazing. bought her album this morning on itunes (along with james morrison)

music is amazing it can change you day, lift your mood, HEAL you! anna of free play shared some music with me for new years and it really helped me through a hard time. i'm so grateful for her sharing and tyler sharing with me. it moved me for sure!

i think i get to go celebrate pride tonight with some friends of mine and looking forward to seeing them!

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Anonymous said...

so glad you enjoyed the music! and that it could help you and soothe you through a difficult time. it's what music is for, no?