Thursday, June 10, 2010

book sale &

so i hemmed up these curtains. i bought them a long time ago and one was shorter than the other but i didn't realize it until long after the purchase. so i cut one shorter and added then left over fabric to the other and now they are the same length!
they are keeping the hot afternoon sun out!
the library has a book sale every year and i took today off of work since i'm sick so i decided to go. this was after the line had moved 1/2 way down the block. it was a mad house. i had time even and couldn't fight with book lovers for that long, but i got a few things. . .
this was under maps. . . but it's kind of art, no map attached. it cost a bit more then the $1 for the sale but i had to get it!

and i got kiko a couple of leonard cohen books and a few books for palmer (a dr. suess and richard scarry and a trash truck book) and a body psychotherapy book for me.
i'm a total nerd.
afternoon showers!
i like how kiko looks like he has a halo
an as a random end, i want these. . . just wanted to have a reminder for myself (and anyone who's planning ahead for my july 31st birthday :)
hope you had a great day!

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Illustrated Ink said...

I love it when the library has their big sale, so fun! It looks like you scored. ;)