Sunday, September 27, 2009


Concentrated attention is the collection of units of power on a chosen point of intention.”
James Arthur Ray quotes

“Good intentions are at least, the seed of good actions; and every one ought to sow them, and leave it to the soil and the seasons whether He or any other gather they fruit”
William Temple, Sr. quotes

”Our intention creates our reality.” --Wayne Dyer

”A good intention clothes itself with power.” --Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Every intention sets energy into motion whether you are conscious of it or not." Gary Zukav

Intentions compressed into words enfold magical power.
Deepak Chopra

Intention moves energy.
Silvia Hartmann

"The road to hell is paved with good intentions corrupted by our fears. Love does not obey our expectations, it obeys our intentions. God's Will is whatever we do with good intention. Life does not obey our expectations. Life obeys our intentions, in ways we may not expect. A good intention is like the seed of a tree whose fruit we do not know." Lloyd Strom

"Choose your intention carefully and then practice holding your consciousness to it,
So it becomes the guiding light in your life." John Roger

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