Wednesday, September 16, 2009

dance dance dance

if i won the lottery i would take lots of dance classes. jazz, modern, a lot. i try and imagine moving like a dancer in yoga class, and i think that's why i loved taking step arobics at the gym because it was like little dance steps. kiko used to tease me a lot about watching all the dance shows. i haven't really watched so you think you can dance since part of the first season until last season (i love having a dvr). and i watched the performances on the mtv music awards. . .

i think beyonce may have made kiko a dance convert. . . she rawks! (he's just interested in her talent right?! hehehe)


Elisabeth said...

Just finally watched this (usually check your blog on my iphone) and yeah, Kiko is sooooo interested in her talent! ;)

All I can think of while watching this now is GLEE!! lol Do you watch that show? They did the dance routine in that show. Funny stuff.

abby jane said...

i do watch that show and kiko loved that episode too!