Monday, September 14, 2009

i want

this scarflette for christmas. . . or to learn how to make it!


Elisabeth said...

This is an absolute cinch to make, the only problem is finding that yarn. They could have a yarn that just knits up like that. Otherwise, I'm guessing they probably broke the yarn many times and tied it to get those pieces that stick out. They probably just worked the tied ends till they started to fluff and fray, maybe brushed them? Or they could have maybe woven in pieces of roving, but the first way would be easier to try I think. It looks like otherwise it's just a simple knit, a rib in knit 1 purl 1. I may have some yarn that would work for this in my little 'yarn shop'. It'd be 100% wool if you're interested.

abby jane said...

I'll have to head into the next knit n shit meeting!