Friday, September 4, 2009

bleeding knees

i'm so in love with caitlin shearer's art! she has some new t-shirts (check them out here or buy them here)

this shirt reminded me of a poem i wrote in 1998:

yes, I did – in that dream
grab hold of that speeding star
and let it drag me on my

i sat on the African Plateau looking over me,
me and bleeding knees

and seeing
laid out on the teetering table
a platter and a silver spoon
a paper plate with a hot dog bun.
all of me.
every stopped clock and broken mirror
and terrible painting on the wall
all reflect the
spilling glass
of red wine on my table
and the bitter sweet juice
sank through the table and became
a cloud of rain
it dripped on
me and my bleeding knees.

1 comment:

caitlin shearer said...

thanks abby! that is very much appreciated. :)