Saturday, May 30, 2009

mi familia de dio de muerte

i'm not sure if that makes any sense. after seeing all the day of the dead dolls at jose andres restaurant in dc i was inspired. we have a couple of our own. . .

kiko got me this one for our aniversary
kiko's friend shaun got him this one.

i made this one. i had this wood box that had magnets in it that i saved and though, i should do a day of the dead, but what should i do? my family! what should the back ground be? our house!

kiko's got whiskey in his hand, palmer has a car, and i said, what should i have in my hand and kiko said, "a broom". W O W. . .

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BabyLuxDesign said...

this is WICKED cool...I have to see it! So, I've been totally bogged down with my stupid foot. I have in hand the disc you need from Chad, come over anytime this week!!! Call me text me! xo