Tuesday, May 5, 2009

3 things

#1. have you ever played video games so much when you close your eyes you see images from the game? well when i close my eyes i'm haunted by weeds. i've been a weeding maniac, and there are a million billion weeds left in my yard to tackle. . . my old neighbor told me you have to learn to love weeding. i'm working on it.

#2. people need to understand craigslist it like a garage sale. you have to price things like a garage sale. . . i don't give a fuck how much you paid, you don't want it no more. . . things should be CHEAP on there. i know i know everyone is trying to make a buck but come on people, price to sell. it's your old crap no matter how much it cost when you bought it.

#3. i cannot afford to build a glass brick wall at the wash park whole foods. i'm talking to carpenters about possibly building 2 L shaped units faced with soji screens?? the manager says to just use screens but they are too high and too easily tipped over. . . any creative ideas???

1 comment:

BabyLuxDesign said...

Dude seriously...amen to both number one and number two!!!

Number three give me a day or two and I'll give you some ideas, I already have a few churnin' in me noggin'!