Monday, March 2, 2009

museum & watch out madness

man i'm drained today.  
i've got some cool pictures from the kirkland museum
it is an awesome museum.  so much more that i'll have to go back.  but first. . . 
a drawing a did. . .
so i've been working on this peacock feather for a few days and i fell asleep and left it out and while i was making coffee i forgot it was sitting out and palmer helped.  ugh, live and learn.  i think i might cut it out with and glue it on to a new piece of paper.  i thought it was coming along quite nice.  

from the museum:
Della Robbia (Rozane LIne) c. 1906 by Frederick Hurten Rhead

Mettlach Ceramics Art Nouveau (c. 1900) 
Mr. Kirkland himself The mystery of explosion on the Sun Six Billion Years B.C. 
1979, oil and water on linen
Another of Vance Kirkland's paintings
The Energy of Explosions Twenty-Four Billion Years B.C. 
1979, Oil and water on linen
This was Kirkland's Studio. . . I love it!
He used to suspend himself on the straps over his canvas.
A lot of the wears were from his own private collection.  He loved beautiful things.

They have a show right now of Colorado Abstracts. 
Mary Chenoweth, 1958 Marabout, Mixed Media on canvas

Paul Kauvar Smith, Fantasia, early 1950's, oil on canvas

They had quite a few Edward Marecak, and I loved his work.  This is
 "Winter Witch Frightened by Spring" from 1968, oil on board.

This is a found object sculpture by Bob Ragland, 1986.  

This is in no way a good representation of what they have.  there are so many chairs!  so much pottery and sculpture.  

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wow some really great pictures...thanks for sharing- might have to check out that museum someday soon.

and the peacock feather is gorgeous!!! did I ever tell you I wanted a huge peacock feather tattooed up my torso...of course knowing me I'll never get one- too chicken! but geez you are some kind of artist!!! :)