Wednesday, February 25, 2009

t i r e d

i should be napping with palmer.  he woke up with a coughing fit right when i was going to bed last night, late because i went to yoga after class, so i didn't get to sleep until almost midnight!  then he work up at like 6.  ugh!    but i was inspired by tyler to go for a jog today.  well a walk jog but hey you gotta start some where right.  now i don't feel like doing a thing but laying around outside and enjoying the creepy spring weather.  i should study for my test i have friday. . . . ugh.  does anyone else get frustrated by the amount of constant cleaning required to keep your house looking good.  somedays (like yesterday) i'm gung ho, get the house all tidy then i look around today and bam bang boom, a mess again.  well i just cleaned it up, needs another vacuum once palmers up then we're going to hang with my friend nan for bit.

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BabyLuxDesigns said...

I'm worried boutcha' call me tomorrow and let me know everything is alright.