Saturday, March 14, 2009

everyone loves a parade

i have to admit i laughed really hard when kiko said, "i just realized, who ever said, 'everyone loves a parade' was being sarcastic." you do start to notice how very few people look like they are having fun. people standing around smoking and drinking. trying to find a place to see. dogs barking, children crying. it definetely is a far cry from the parades of my youth, but then again that was small town and the grand floral parade in portland. there was usually candy and i could always see.

i took this picture:
it reminded me of friedlander:

Lee Friedlander
Lafayette, Louisiana

a lot of times he included his shadow in the picture. a pioneer of the snap shot. of course i didn't mean to catch my shadow in the picture but maybe neither did he.

beautiful day walking back to the car. . .

p.s. i was looking up pictures from the floral parade in portland. . . i do remember umbrellas:

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The Lucks said...

My friend Courtney asked me if I was going to the parade. I said no. I hate parades. I believe they are pointless. Morgan agrees. Until he saw a picture on Channel 7's website of a Star Wars float in the parade. He was saddened he missed the Storm Troopers. What Darth Vadar and Storm Troopers have to do with St. Patrick's Day, I am not quite sure. Again, pointless. I do like your "self-shadow" picture. Hmmm...interesting...I like it!