Wednesday, March 4, 2009

what to do now

i'm feeling. . . i don't know.  i think i'm actually graduating at the end of this semester and i'm like what the. . . what now?!   i had imagined when i graduated i would move to the northwest but that's not happening so now what?  i though maybe i would keep going and get a BFA too.  double major or go on and get my masters in public health.  then i was thinking of art therapy, but i need a few more art classes.  then recently i was inspired to possibly do the masters in somatic counseling at naropa.  

that's kind of what i'm thinking but i don't know how we would make it work.  i'm freaked out about having to start paying loans back and having to start working more.  it seems like for child care there are a lot more affordable options once a kiddo is 3.  so i have a while until he's 3, and i'd like to stay home with him until then.  i don't know what i'm doing.  maybe everything would just work for me to stay home and be very frugal.  probably.  ugh. .. 

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The Lucks said...

And in the end, being at home with your family, is priceless compared to running around with "money." It's hard, I know, but honestly, it really feels good to be simple. xo