Tuesday, November 27, 2012

my tattoo

i got some work done today on my tattoo. . . mary
(missy rising at kaze gallery is doing it for me)

i'm kind of swollen!  it will heal.  i was kind of worried about getting a tattoo on my arm, but now i realize how rare it is to wear short short sleeve shirts anyway.  well it's fall too so i'm pretty much always in long sleeves, no one even sees it!  i still show her off.

so she's not a traditional mary.  i was going to do spring on one arm and fall on the other but i had this strong urge to get mary.  

i have a lot of marys in my room.  one night i drew her.  i realized she would have breast fed jesus.  so i drew her breast feeding jesus, with tape over her mouth.  it was subversive and some would say sac-religious huh?  but mary wasn't given much of a voice was she? 

have you heard of the madonna/whore complex
The tendency for men to not be able to integrate the "dualisms" of women. Though EACH and EVERY female IS in fact fully capable of BOTH, it appears man's greatest challenge is to resolve them both in the same woman, thus these two aspects of the female must be relegated into two very separate and distinct categories--one or the other, black or white, Madonna or Whore. It's a shame men can't just accept that both are available to them in the same woman.
i realized that's my mary. . . she's the dualism.  she's human.  she's sexy and she's saintly.

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