Thursday, December 6, 2012


i ache for him
from head to toe
i feel the longing
right down to my bones
if today was my last
i'd want to be in his arms
there's no safer place
i feel cared for and warm.

he gently kisses my body
and stares intensely at me
it constantly makes me
feel weak in the knees
his love envelopes and
i can't hardly get free
i want to be with him
why, god, can't we be?

frequently frightened
he runs for the door
leaving me sobbing
a crumpled mess on the floor
leaving me aching
just wanting for more.

down to my marrows
my heart beats on time
but he's lost in his ocean
and the fog in his mind
broken and beaten
so much work left to do
i can't help him or save him
as much as i want to.

so here at an impasse
our paths don't converge
he knows how i feel
we have to diverge
it's not what i long for
the him that i see
he is a spectacular being
that i love with my bones.

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