Monday, November 12, 2012

Aug 31 2006

i was driving and saw a woman tripping over her shoes. it seemed as if the right white sneaker had snuck off her heal and she was trying to get it back in. a blue sack was swinging in her right hand. her mousey brown hair was in her face and a strand was in her mouth. her face was destressed. was she having a day like mine? she swagered into the parking lot behind benders. she turned sharply to the left, i thought someone had called her name. perhaps she thought the same. she leaned against the wall for a moment, then turned to the silver suv to her right. i thought possibly she was about to put the bag into the trunk. from under the car i saw she set the small blue bag on the ground, she reached down. i thought she had dropped something and was about to pick it up. left hand on the ground. she fell on her face. directly on her face. she did not try and stop her fall. she did not get up. i called the police. i did not stop.

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